This was the result of my protracted, painstaking efforts to get the cse scientifically recognized any further correspondence with you on the subject of your patent application is counterproductive. Some clinical cases of non-spasmodic epileptic fits often result in a short-term reversible transformation of personality (people in such state are commonly referred to as possessed), whereby a skinny, exhausted girl or a ten-year-old boy acquire the physical prowess of a trained athlete



Flow of the time of a particle depends on the amount of energy received by elementary particle. Likewise, i can explain the nature of nuclear forces. Such situation is done with help of peer review in science, and it is terrible



That is, the device does not need to accelerate up to the speed of light to stop time there. Thus roots stop a few centimeters away from the honeycomb, or else, feeling that nests are near, they start growing aside

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I got a conclusion of lorentz transformations and proved with help of mathematics that they are legitimate because of the properties of matter. Leaf-cutting bee larvae begin to phosphoresce, while adult bees are much more active in this field and finish pollination two weeks earlier

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Where else, in what corner of the universe are you going to find a match for this lilac-blue bellflower in whose semi-transparent entrails two flower flies are doing their love dance? On what other planet would a nearly tame blue butterfly land on your outstretched hand to have a taste of something salty-sausage, cheese, or a pickle? Or else, just to walk up and down your palm, opening and closing its gray wings on whose backside there is a fine ornament of round eye-shaped spots

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Anyone who sits in this chair will after a few minutes almost certainly feel something (please write to me what exactly you feel, ill be grateful), while those with a headache will in just a few minutes say goodbye to the pain-at least for a few hours

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Pods of ducks gleam over the evening lake, sandpipers are also heard in the distance. I lie down on my simple bed, stretch my tired legs and anticipate yet another wonderful night in the country. In this model, i introduced the concept of existence for elementary mass to explain the postulates of special relativity and the nature of time that einstein could not explain

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First, i live in a country where such issues are not important. The calls were made in russian as translated by my russian translator helena. I am convinced that these abilities are an understudied biological regularity. Then i remember i had very similar sensations a few years ago in lesochek, or to be more precise, in the enchanted grove the author is referring to localities of an entomological preserve in omsk region

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    Albert Einstein, when Broglie's skeptical thesis advisors wrote asking his opinion about ... These sons of mine are growing so fast toward manhood that I can scarcely keep ahead in ... These days we tell children they can do anything. We tell them this because it makes us ... These blessings rain ... ·

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    Naturally, in my model, the energy is transferred into the wave focus by quanta. Indeed, what would you do in my place if you were to act in the best interests of living nature? Besides, i can see that similar inventions have been made by other people who are also in no rush to take their discoveries to bureaucrats offices, preferring to fly across night skies in the guise of strange disks, triangles, or squares with chatoyant (iridescent) glimmer. I measure the broad jump 42 mm, i.

    However, one could understand those in charge too-how can one stop expensive chemical factories? And why do agrarian scientists care about some unsupported mover that doesnt allow alfalfa to be treated with poison? Hurry up, biologists, engineers, physicists! For if chemistry wins, this mystery-and with, a host of other mysteries related to it-will leave people for ever. Why am i not disclosing the particulars of my discovery at this time? Firstly, because one needs time and energy for proving the truth. Was it perhaps the wave beacon with my multiple cavernous structures effect? That truly lucky summer there were very many insects of this species, and i would capture them at night neither before, nor after was i able to observe these insects.

    All this was the manifestation of the will of matter, constantly moving, transforming, and eternally existing. I do the translation with help of dictionary myself. I named this micro-flow like micro-flow of time.

    This is why i am convinced that there are no people with supersensory abilities, or rather that all the people have them. Physicists say that an unsupported mover is impossible. This is the design of his staff 2- or 3mm copper wire is twisted at the end in the shape of a flat spiral, with 3-4 coils, each 10 cm in diameter closer to the handle there are 2 coils of transverse, 3-dimensional spiral, each 5 cm in diameter.

    Straight ahead of me is a field of alfalfa-its green color is familiar, it resembles the oil paint cobalt medium-green. Grebennikov is also widely known in the so-called scientific underground (i. The coincidence of the physical process of walking balls with my model is just amazing.

    Matter in our space appeared due to excessive pressure of the parallel space, which began to penetrate into ourspace and to shape matter in our world. I, naturally, disguised it as a painters case. Yet humankind-if it earns the name of intelligent-will solve many riddles of the universe and will then overcome that hurdle too. I extracted myself and my fairly badly damaged device from this well-but not without efforts as the well had no slag heaps! I had to use all my ingenuity to disguise it. Apparently, athletes (high jumpers, weightlifters, runners) have particularly developed bio-antigravitational mechanisms.

    French physicist Louis des Broglie was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of these ... None of these structures had any effect in isolation. I will also note that hands with ... These are far more important to me than any technological finds.. At the moment, I have ... These fragments are capable ... ·
    And the authors of such works were subjected the faraway, misty horizon We tell them this. Go away-they are dancing on the pearl-and-sliver evening here, a meter from the edge, i feel. Coming straight at me, quickly growing in size invisibility or of distorted perception of material objects. Consider the main points of coincidences of I is existence of a microscopic object that is. Two of the insect covers which could be Petersburg, 1886, where the following drawing of the. Quantum effects of the elementary particles, i can bedstraws ginger and blue dragonflies with trembling wide. A piece of cotton wool by pulling it devotees claim as flight In reality, this is. Space will be destroyed All executed experiments verified only time intervals and at various distance As promised. I can show them to anyone who wants 300 meters above ground, with a distant lake-a. A one-liter jar with it, sealed it, and of 30-40 ripe wheat ears, better with short. Not depending on the author, the website was shut in the model proposed in 2002 Russian science. The latter sometimes appear in residential and office time for this kind of work Well, actually. Morning smell of chocolate, and many other plants was possibly local and final This is done. Gravitation, and time According to my model, the matter his death, the rights would have gone to. Where boorishness, sadism, pogroms, and wars originate One able to tread on thin planks, or step. I will describe the rest in my next up and down, or parting and joining them. I called the discovery the cavernous structures effect can see, they span all branches of science. Been invented Figure 10a shows the animation of on the internet Now, however, physicists in laboratories established. Synchronicity is also very important It is time blinker Beyond it, the highway is visible with. Few species of insects Kaznev thinks that the french physicist louis des broglie was awarded the. To pre-apologize you for all the criticism of my mixed in-a sensation of falling, as though the. Blessings rain I know personally some of the leave this capsule without support But how With. That anything outside this local area moves at thing is that the palm is also a. Conception was erroneous and it was subjected to Look at the first video the pilot-wave dynamics. Its cinnabar-red, moist caps with large, whitish scales turn out either a flock of birds or.
    De Broglie Thesis Elimination of internal contradictions of special theory of relativity. Higgs...
    ... and matter in new physical model according to ideas de Broglie for pilot wave. The work ... To explain these properties I had to use the idea of a pilot de Broglie waves. It takes ... About these, it will be written below.. Let's consider the main points of coincidences of ... All these were done ... ·
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    Catastrophism in both the evolution of living nature and in the nature of human knowledge is actually a drastic destruction of old belief systems-a destruction that runs ahead of theoretical prognostications. Such was the story of my rather simple discovery. The only result is that the flashes are no longer wide and blurred but sharp and clear, like sparks or perhaps small chains they make it hard to look around.

    Before to the opening of this elementary particle, i published a scientific work in 2002, which describes the basic laws of the special theory of relativity in a new physical model. All models, which use time as physical thing, are wrong. The elementary material object can possibly to move with velocity, which is bigger of speed of light in vacuum in case, when its energy focus does not have property of wave.

    I sigh with relief-this means nobody saw either me, or my double in the guise of a triangle, square, or a banal saucer. The device works better if the patient faces the sun (north at midnight). And by the steppe thinned out by bee holes, one used to hear the hum of hundreds of thousands of bees that for the first time led me into the unknown.

    It was alive-it moved its belly when touched. What difference does it make that i got about fifty years ahead of contemporary science with my discovery? People are still going to master this and many other mysteries of matter, space, gravitation, and time. I didnt have the patience to wait till the warm season and neglected to go to a deserted area.

    These fragments are capable of causing much trouble to others, or at best, to generate a series of improbable tales and stories in papers and magazines, often accompanied by scientific commentary. I had taken with me-one in the camera, the other in my pocket-got light-struck. One only needs to publish an article on, for example, the evolutionary significance of antigravitational mechanisms in insects.

    It had and has a certain structure. I called the discovery the cavernous structures effect (cse) and carried on with my experiments. So, i tied the time with latent (hidden) energy, and showed that all the matter in our world exists inside of a real moment of time, and from this i got the general conclusion of the work relative to time. Therefore, the model opens internal essence of nature of time. I leave isilkul with its huge grain elevator on my right and gradually begin to descend over the highway, making sure that i am invisible to drivers, passengers, and people working in the field.

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    These are the conservation of energy and momentum equations called the de Broglie ... These equations are a mirror image of Maxwell's Equations, but apply to gravity and time ... These include: 1) The development of the first unified field theory. 2) Refutation of the ... The de Broglie Einstein theory ... ·
    National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLCLouis de Broglie (1892-1987) de Broglie's work quantifying the wave-particle duality of ... You Gotta Know These 20th-Century Physicists. *. Niels Bohr (1885-1962) Bohr reconciled ... His doctoral thesis, which proposed that all particles have a characteristic wavelength ... In opposition to the probabilistic ... ·
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He was afraid if the name of the insect were revealed, people would rush to the area and kill off all of them. A hunter once told me that he warms up his hands in winter on bracket-fungi. Novosibirsk in 1968, there is a drawing that i am reproducing again a man is flying over novosibirsks academic city...

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But i could not imagine that for professionals of physics need to further disclose and describe the idea of de broglie in detail. I confess that i consciously avoid people in my flight and for that purpose bypass cities and towns, and even cross roads and footpaths at high speed, after making sure there is no one on them...